Personal Identification Mark


Personal Identification Mark is a small scratchable identifying mark placed on beverage containers, boxes, and numerous other items. Users can scratch their initials or a symbol into the mark, allowing for easy identification of the item between other people.

Purpose of the Invention

  • Provides users with an identification system capable of receiving customizable marks to ensure an individual knows which bottle, cup, or item is theirs.

  • Features a small scratch-off blank surface that can be scratched to mark the label with initials, name, customized symbol, etc.

  • Allows users to easily identify which item belongs to them, eliminating any guesswork and ensuring they are only using their personal property.

  • Prevents from accidentally misidentifying drinks at a party or other social event, reducing the risk of cross contamination with contagions such as COVID, flu, etc.

  • Offers a simple method of marking and identifying virtually any type of item like, but not limited to, water bottles, beverage bottles, cans and cups, other consumable products, and more.

Problems Solved by the Invention

Identifying items like personal beverages can be difficult, especially when at social events with multiple people. Households with multiple people using the same kitchen, bathroom, etc. may have a difficult time identifying which items belong to who. People may cross-contaminate beverages and other items if they cannot identify which product is theirs. People may end up throwing away items they cannot identify as theirs, ultimately wasting money and consumables, unnecessarily adding to the environmental waste stream.

Detailed Description

Personal Identification Mark (PIM) is a device used to make personalized markings and to identify personal items to avoid potential confusion with respect to ownership or control. The device is comprised of an appropriately sized scratch-off space. Size to be determined by the manufacturer's needs.

The user would scratch their personal identifiable marking (PIM) onto the scratch-off space, eliminating the need for a writing utensil. People may scratch the square with their fingernail, coin, keys, or other desired item and utilize initials, logos, symbols, and other markings to customize it. The item can then be easily identified from person to person.

Exact size, measurement, construction, and design specifications may vary upon further development and manufacturing.

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