Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can easily find some common questions regarding PIM.

How does PIM prevent cross-contamination?

By easily allowing the user to mark their personal markings on their product, users will be able to effortlessly differentiate whose product is whose, resulting in no accidental cross-contamination.

How does PIM reduce the environmental waste stream?

Having an easily markable surface already on a water bottle allows it to retain user value so it can be reused many times. An unmarked empty water bottle tends to simply be trashed only to grab a new one. A water bottle marked using PIM is likely to be reused, reducing the waste output from each household gradually.

How does PIM save consumers’ money? 

1. When users have the ability to easily mark their drink/container, it will prevent mixups. For example, drinks that might have only had 1 sip from them get thrown away (to avoid cross-contamination) since no one knows whose drink is whose. This is a waste of money for the consumer that happens all too often all around the world. 

2. Since users have their product marked using PIM, they may choose to easily reuse it. For example, an empty water bottle can be refilled with more water. A used water bottle without PIM on it is likely to be trashed immediately. This puts a little more money in the consumer’s pocket over time. 

What products can PIM be used on?

Anything, but particularly products that come in a pack/multiple such as water bottles, beer bottles, drink cups, etc.

Why is PIM necessary for my product?

Users will gravitate towards products that use PIM since it promotes health, is eco-friendly, and it's easy to mark their ID on the product to avoid mixups. Therefore, expect higher sales than your competition with use of PIM on your products.

How can I start using PIM?

There would be an expectation of entering into a licensing agreement. Please contact us via our contact form or email us at usepimnow@gmail.com

Do I need to get PIM materials to use?

We recommend the use of specially formulated scratch-off solvent screen inks commonly used on lottery tickets, gift cards, etc.

How much does it cost to use PIM?

We are open to negotiations. PIM will be licensed out per licensing agreement and royalties will be collected based on how many sales are made with the product.

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

For more information on this product, please go to our contact form at the bottom of page or email us at: usepimnow@gmail.com

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