Personal Identification Mark

The convenient new way to mark/identify your beverage bottle/can/cup or any other container.
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An Intellectual Property Invention

PIM is the idea of having a pre-applied scratch-off surface on products such as a water bottle to make it easy for users to scratch their "personal identifying mark" so family/friends know whose drink is whose.

While you could just grab a sharpie and write a letter, no one ever does. But having a pre-applied scratch-off surface included with the product makes it a no-brainer for identification, especially when you are out and have nothing to write with.

How it Works

PIM Scratch-Off Idea

"Nail it with PIM"

Use PIM to mark and identify your drink or container. Simply use a fingernail to scratch your initials or whatever personal identifying mark you choose onto the scratch off surface.

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The following video below is not affiliated/connected with this website and PIM in any way. This website and PIM is not sponsored by Heineken.

Heineken Commercial

This commercial from Heineken on YouTube shows exactly why beverage companies need PIM on their products ASAP! Watch it below!
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